Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nathan Beddows

My friend Nathan got in touch today, here he is!
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Nathan is an illustrator and freelance photographer that I've worked with a good few times doing contributions for 'Ride BMX Magazine'. He has just set himself up a blog, you should have a look. Here is an animation I've made from from our most recent collaboration; a trick how to article for the december 2007 issue.
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It seems people in BMX have a really weird idea about how the magazine industry functions. They seem to have the idea that Ride Magazine just goes to different places around the country to find people to photograph. The whole article involved a few weeks of planning, emails, phone calls, location scouting, traveling, photo shooting, writing, photoshop work, uploading photos to servers ect. I'm not really the subject of the article but a collaborator with Nathan and the magazine. People never seem to understand that! haha

Anyway, Nathan plans to have a full website sometime soon with his illustration work on as well. I'll keep ya posted!