Thursday, November 15, 2007

Weekly Round Up!

Ok, first of all went down London on Monday for the launch of the 'Young Designers Program'. I'm really excited to get started fully on this project, it is truly beneficial to a lot of people. A rare thing these days. To find out more check out their website.

Other good news this week, I've been in contact with Alex from 'The Consult' and he is into me doing a work placement there at some point in the new year. Also been speaking to George Marshall, the art director of a 'Nature Magazine' journal focusing on DNA research. I'm going to be spending a week with those guys next summer learning more about the technical side of magazine publishing. Needless to say I'm really excited about both of these opportunities, us students really appreciate it when were given the time of day by such busy people!

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The new 'Shut Magazine' is due back from the printers in a day or so, I'll put some pictures up when I get them. They are having a party to celebrate it this saturday (17th Nov) at the Faversham in Leeds. Should be ace!

Started work this week on some layouts for 'Dig Magazine' (unfortunately I can't show any pictures for a month or so). A few friends of mine are photographic contributers to magazines, and I know how mad they get when their work is misrepresented by the layout in the finished publication. I decided to talk to the photographer of the article, Ricky Adam, and wasn't surprised when he some strong opinions of how his photos should be used , their sizes and sequence. I often feel the importance of this element of dialog in design is overlooked. This strongly relates to the growing crazy of pitch work in the design industry. Have a look at this blog to see what Erik Spiekermann and a few others think. To be honest I think I have to agree with them... we'll see how that one pans out, it's definitely an interesting area of discussion.

Found a cool website this week. It's an archive of interesting, good and experimental magazine covers. A great visual reference.
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The work for wire magazine was done by multi award winning London based design studio 'non-format'. I've been flicking through their book 'love song' this week as a reference for a couple of college projects, the work is amazing. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I'd give it a 9 1/2 out of ten on 'the worth-checking-out-o-meter'

My friend Simon Whitlock got in touch this week, I typeset a CV for him a few weeks backs, and after some successful networking at the Sheffield documentary festival he has landed himself with a work placement with the company that makes 'panorama'. He also feels he really needs a online portfolio site to showcase his reportage photography. I'm going to be working closely with Simon, developing the identity created for his CV, with the hope of getting the site up and running before Christmas.

Also illustrator Gus Farnes has asked me to design him a portfolio site as well. Gus's work is lively and colorful, and he has worked for several big clients including Gravis and done live instalations at events like the Ski Show. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I'm looking forward to working with him, I'm sure we can come up with some pretty super ideas.

Finally... my website of the week!
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Brooklyn based designer Mike Perry has some amazing hand drawn type, and some good illustrations. He runs a small studio and works for a variety of print based clients, one day hopefully, I will be like him! haha.

Thats all for now. Take care xx