Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Recent Activity!

I've been working hard and fast on our typography project at college, I'm making a pamphlet that gives a basic guide to typesetting. It folds out, and on the reverse side their is a poster. This is my first draft for it.
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Some minor fettling and that should be ok. I'll post some pictures of the whole printed thing when it's finished.

Found these this week,
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illustrations by Linzie Hunter, the inspirations comes from spam emails she receives. It's nice to see somebody turn something so annoying and invasive into something fun and pleasant! I'm getting really into hand drawn type recently, it's so fun and lively, a visual rarity.
Have a look at her website here.
See more of the spam illustrations here.

On the subject of hand drawn type, this was left unused from my recent batch of work for Dig Magazine. Thought it would be nice to show it on here.
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Still needs a bit more work to be honest, but I like it.

Been really into to these guys recently, discover upnorth.
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Great selection of original type styles. And an interesting mix of clients. It's good to see small commercially successful type design agency's like this, I want to get into doing more stuff like this!

Finally... Here is a Xmas card I've been designing to send out to a few friends and family members who feel similar to the way I do about Xmas! I love spending more time with my friends and family, I'm into eating lots of food and drinking sherry, but... I'm really not a fan of everybody buying each other useless presents because they feel they "have to". So for the last few years I have boycotted Santa Claus, and told everybody I know not to buy me anything. Instead I try and do a "monthly special act of thoughtfulness & generosity", where I treat my friends or family because the opportunity is right, not because "it's the done thing". So anyway, here is my fictional characters birthday card (aka Christmas). (I much prefer the pagan idea of celebrating the summer and winter solstice, at least it's tangible!)
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Oh yeah, and Santa Clause used to be green before coca-cola turned him red. Oh and coca-cola created the Fanta brand for the nazis (true story). In other Christmas trivia, a few centuries ago, Christian fundamentalists tried to ban Christmas! They asserted (quite correctly by their own lights) that the 25 December had no biblical connection with the birth of their messiah and that the Christmas festival was therefore essentially pagan.

Win some, lose some.