Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's book O'clock!

Just a quick overview of some of the books I've been looking at recently as research for various projects.
First up is the 'Buro Destruct" book.
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Contemporary, clean swiss graphic design with an emphasis on typography. Despite being only a small studio of five or six people, they have built up an international reputation and work for a whole variety of clients.

Next up is 'Poster Design',
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Showcasing the best of modern poster design, it features work in a wide variety of styles, and has some great typography in it.

Then we have the Josef Muller-Brockmann book 'Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design'
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Muller-Brockmann was one of the leading designers of the 'swiss style' during the 1950s &1960s. This book features all his best and most experimental work. I really like the simplicity and cleanness of the swiss style, and it still looks contemporary to this day.

Finally, we have 'hand job', and I actually bought this one!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It's by New York based artist Mike Perry, and is a catalog of hand rendered type styles. Needless to say I love it, and I'm glad I forked out some money for once! I really enjoy hand drawn type, in the day and age of computers it is such a rarity that people can be bothered to make the effort! I'm going to try and do more of this in the future!

Oh and finally, I've started work with illustrator Gus Farnes on his portfolio website. We've registered a domain, and I've put a mini disco there while we construct the site. Everything going well it should be online in about two weeks.

Ta-raa x