Friday, November 07, 2008

Multistorey carparks arn't always boring.

Fully functional navigation system and visual identity system for a multistory carpark in Melbourne.
I'd seen this quite a few times before but could never remember who had done it! I found it on Australian designer Axel Peemoller's portfolio website, apparently he helped complete the project while at Emery studio in Melbourne.
As much as I'd never consider a carpark to be a tourist destination, I would quite like to go here!

In other news, I'm going to have another go at the skateboard design competition over on, apparently the "I heart wood" logotype I made for the last one, despite being made from wood grain and next to lots of tree's, is "far too gay" for the American market! I'd never really thought of the statement in that context... Americans eh? Oh well, at least they elected somebody without a cowboy hat or 'war' on their list of things to do.

While on the subject of 'gay', I spotted these over on the creative review blog. Here's the official explanation:

Right-wing conservative groups have often accused gay people of having an agenda to promote homosexuality. In response to this, the UK’s Gay Times decided to run an interesting recruitment campaign: selling homosexuality to the straight community. Editor Joseph Galliano explains why he asked five ad agencies to help promote the gay cause…

CR: In light of the recent campaigning in the US, did some of the usual arguments emerging from the far-right help as a starting point for the project?

JG: “Actually, it’s unfortunately much more historical than that. The idea that there’s this ‘homosexual agenda’ is something that has come up many times, over the last 20, 30 years. I find it hilarious, the very idea that gay people might have a coherent set of agendas.

“So I just thought that, if it were true and we were trying to and sell homosexuality, what would it look like? It’s a simple idea really. But the serious point is in highlighting just how ridiculous some of those kinds of attacks are and trying to answer them in a way that’s interesting and creative.”


I think the next one is my personal favorite, it made me laugh, a lot.


I love seeing creative and fun ways to solve problems, and these do the job perfectly, completely trivialising the right wing arguement. GO GAY, YEAHHHH!!!