Monday, October 29, 2007

Socially Aware Design?

German artist Christoph Ernst project 'Windmove' aims to make wind farms more acceptable. He explains the reason for most complaints arise from the notion that "Wind energy plants disturb or divide the landscape and the view". His solution is to give the wind farms a more lovable 'personality' and be more aesthetically pleasing. To find out more about the project have a look at the 'Windmove' website.

On a slightly smaller scale, but still another good example of how design can improve the world: recently my friend Jake had been searching for a job, with no avail. I offered to lay out his CV for him. I created him a clean and professional, yet fun and striking CV, which landed him the next job he applied for! At Harvey Nichols, the classiest high street shop in town! I was doubly pleased with this, firstly because it simply shows what good design can achieve, and secondly because he owes me £80 and I'm more likely to get that back now!