Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heros, unhelpfull people and Wankers

As part of my send and receive brief, I decided to send some designers and illustrators who I liked some quick questions about their opinions of their own work, and how it related to their personal morals and the 'first things first' manifesto.

I appreciate that these people, in the most part are extremely busy. So I wasn't really expecting that many people to reply... But you would think if somebody was going to take the time of day to send me an email back they would at least try to be helpful.

This is how a very famous designer who often talks of people losing their souls answered one of my questions...

Q. Do you think it is even feasible to work entirely on non-commercial design, or is it about striking a balance?

A. No Comment

How can you possibly have no comment on a question like that?

Anyway, else where in design their is still community spirit riding high, Jon Burgerman got back to me with some really thought provoking answers. Stefan Sagmeister has a really good student section on his website. And designers are wankers is something I think everybody on this course should be involved in, good stuff.

highfives all round, merlin xx