Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Full Speed Ahead!

The dissertation is done, thank god! I handed in my 8,000 words on 'the Olympics as a tool for national branding and international communication' last Thursday, and needless to say I was a very relieved and happy boy!

Now that's out of the way I can just concentrate on designing stuff, all day, everyday. Winner!

Been fairly busy this week, just finished two small projects for the guys over at Synergy Leeds. Firstly a logo and web banners for their newly launched Media Camp scheme. Fairly straight forward, sitting in line with their existing image.


You can see this in action on their website here. The scheme is going live this week sp hopefully by the end of the week there should be quite a lot of stuff up on their site. I've also been working on some visuals for their reporter reviews scheme that is currently picking up speed, I'll have some pictures for this soon!

I've also been putting together some work for a pitch to design the art college end of year show promotional material. The poster is currently looking like this...


Still needs some love I think, need to get the visual language working across the board, flyers, posters, leaflets, web etc.

Here's a picture of top lad Kyle 'of man' Bibby and forty pints of our first batch of home brewed ale, fingers crossed it'll taste nice!


Also Kyle has just been listed as a 'Hot Graduate' on the Character Creative website, congratulations to him.

I'm currently saving up for one of these...


High resolution digital compact that shoots RAW files, looks amazing!

Also found a website this week called Just My Type, it has an interesting collection of display typefaces all available as illustrator files free of charge, winner!


Right I need to get on with some work.

Merlin x