Tuesday, February 24, 2009

D&AD at Urbis

Tomorrow I'm off to Manchester for a D&AD events day.
At lunch time I've got a meeting with somebody from Manchester based agency Thoughtful, to go over my portfolio and give me some top tips on how to make it better. As a company they seem really interesting; as you would expect being formed by ex-members of the chase there work is pretty spot on, but personally I think it's their working practice that really makes them stand out. Their methods of working from big projects right down to their own stationary has been taken back to the drawing board and considers environmental and social issues. They seem committed to doing things not just differently, but better. This includes moving their entire office into clients buildings to ensure the smooth running of projects! Needless to say I'm really looking forward to meeting them! Here's some of their work, check out their blog for some more...



In the afternoon I'm attending a branding workshop with Liverpool based agency Uniform. As a response to a brief they sent me a week ago I've been working on some ideas for the branding of a new North-West based contemporary art gallery. On the whole I find the majority of art galleries intimidating and a bit lifeless, I'm keen to try and create a completely different experience of art that is fun, accessible and human. Today I'm polishing off some ideas for a promotional leaflet that is essentially an etiquette guide for the gallery, encouraging people to act in a more human way and participate in discussion. I'll get some feedback on all of this tomorrow then hopefully work on some visuals and pop them up here.

In other news there is a One Flag design competition going on over at the Adbusters website, some really great ideas, here's my favourite!


Right, need to crack on, ta-raaa!