Friday, February 27, 2009

Can Anybody Swiss? is a website which creates your own Swiss style poster for you. Apparently the idea behind the project was to create debate about whether the Swiss style of design actually requires any skill. I can kind of see the funny side of this, but for me they are kind of missing the point. You might be able to create a piece of software to quickly layout type for you, but then this method of assessment implies that design can only be judged on how long it has taken to craft, or how skillful the craftsman is. Neither of which necessarily have anything to do with successful communication or appropriateness.


For me, great design is successful communication. A good clear idea that is relevant to the audience, expressed in a manner that reinforces the message. I think discourse in design is healthy, but I think they are asking the wrong question. It's comparable to saying is taking a photo instead of doing a drawing cheating? I think a more valuable topic would be asking to what extent we've let style replace good ideas. Anyway, it's still good fun! Shame the kerning's a bit shit.

Merlin x