Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's been a while...

After a Christmas break in Norwich and a snowboarding holiday in France in back in Leeds grafting on my dissertation! I'm currently in the process of a complete site overhaul so please bear with me while I get photos of everything and get it all online!

I got an email the other day off my friend Chris who's the art director over at Ride Magazine, him and his friend Ben who is a big bad web designer have put together a nice blog website that documents the fine subjects of BMX, design and girls. Pretty much a winning idea there. Have a look, Wednesdayclub.

Wish I had some pictures to add onto this post...
oh I know, have a look at this t-shirt I just designed for Ride Magazine, should hopefully go to print in the next week or so, I'll put some proper pics up when I get the real deal.

Merlin xx