Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work Placements!

OK, I finished my placement at Elmwood this week, it went really well and I'm sad to leave. Apparently "Folk here were really impressed with your contribution", which is ace. I'm hopefully going to be returning there for a few weeks next year when I graduate.

You may have noticed the site had an overhaul, I've been working on updating this and my CV and print/PDF portfolios. I'm reasonable pleased with it, although I don't really like trying to brand myself, it's like having an identity crisis!

Stuff I've seen recently that is mint:
This is dyson's new hand drier, its amazing! Bone dry in seconds.

Also spotted these on the tinterclicker:
If I ever used a napkin this would be my weapon of choice!

Yesterday I was cruising the internet and downloaded a couple of new fonts from the NEO2 blog. Couldn't resist having a little play with them.
Doesn't really mean anything to anybody, but it looks quite nice. Here's a close-up.
The photo is taken by my friend George Marshall, as is the one from the entry page of this site.
I think his pics are ace, he is also the designer for a microbiology magazine, BOSH!