Monday, January 07, 2008


after a three week internet blackout, xmas and a snowboarding holiday I'm back in Leeds, ready to start working again and proud to announce the launch of my new-look website!

I've been doing some xmas reading, firstly is a new magazine publiched by YCN called 'ideas illustrated'.
its the first issue and its theme is 'communication', an interesting read with nice pictures, a bargain at £5!

I also picked up this skate magazine in france for a euro (about 60p!)
I love the colourful and playful nature of skate magazine design, and it is definitely an influence on the work I do for dig magazine.

finally, my business cards I ordered returned from the printers!
this is the first time I've ever got anything printed directly, and it was a fun and valuable experience. I choose some 320gsm recycled board to print on, and it looks/feels lovely!

right I need to pop to the shop and get some food in!
more soon, xx